Press Release

On the 31st of May, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN-Nepal) organized a research dissemination programme of the research entitled ‘ Situation Assessment of young Women in Tourism Sector in Nepal” in collaboration with Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and in partnership with Plan International Nepal.

Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar, Executive director of CWIN-Nepal, iterated the importance of partnership of Government line agencies, Civil Society Organizations and tourism sector for promotion of young women’s workforce in Tourism Sector in Nepal

Ms. Rakshya Paudyal, Project Manager from Plan International Nepal said that gender equality, child protection and economic empowerment of young women of Nepal are the key focused areas of the organisation. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Nepal and this sector has a great potential to contribute to economic empowerment of women. Plan International Nepal with its implementing partner CWIN-Nepal has MOU with HAN and TAN to support in development of policies on Child protection, gender, ethical hiring and decent work place.

Mr. Khum Bahadur Subedi, Sr. Vice President of TAAN said that adventure tourism such as trekking needs progress as far as women participation is concerned. Out of approximately 1800 companies registered with TAAN, only 60 companies are owned and managed by women. He said that it is high time that we increase the participation of women in adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rafting, paragliding, cannoning etc. He believes that subsequent policy guided by the findings of the research will help build a strong foundation for promoting gender equality and women empowerment in the tourism sector. Mr. Tekendra B. Mahat, CEO of HAN, emphasized that we have to bring programmes that empower women in joining higher post such as managers as much of the women workforce is limited to housekeeping and front desk staffs. He said that member hotels of HAAN is committed towards women empowerment and committed for the continued support from HAN.

Mr. Kundan Sharma, Sr. Officer Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), commended on the successful completion of the research and he committed that NTB is willing to join forces with Civil society for Gender equality, Child protection and economic empowerment of women in Nepal.

The key findings and recommendations of the research was presented during the program. The main recommendations generated from the research are;

  1. Raise awareness among HAN and TAAN members despite of the size of the organization/agencies to promote participation of women in the sector
  2. Identify pocket areas having high number of population involved in hotel and trekking sector and conduct various innovative programs to support them further developing their professional etiquettes in collaboration with I/NGOs and other development agencies working in Nepal
  3. Strengthen their formal relationship with the TVET service providers to better connect the graduates with the job market in hotel and trekking sector
  4. Develop gender equality, child friendly, ethical hiring and decent work place policies to boost up the existing good/decent interventions in the sectors and establish strong monitoring mechanism to monitor effective implementation of the policies.
  5. Collect good practices and business cases within hotel and trekking sector on involvement of women and promote during different national and international forums
  6. Advocate with government in developing packages for the youth retention within the country for tourism sector promotion

Mr. Madhav Pradhan, President of CWIN-Nepal provided his concluding remarks mentioning that men engagement is critical for economic empowerment of young women contributing to gender equality. He reiterated that CWIN-Nepal is committed and will continue working towards gender equality and protection of children and young women.





Sumnima Tuladhar

Executive Director